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Building Green


All of our homes are new LEED Tier 2 certified and always follow the most up to date California green codes.

Our projects have very high reuse standards. We have procedures in place to collect construction surplus to save on costs and waste. We also use a significant amount of construction or manufacturer discards of new product that is sturdy and reliable for our families.

We are a strong partner with the Million Tree Project and partnered with Pacoima Beautiful in its family education programs. Our goal is to ensure that the common areas are kept as green as possible, and the families are provided with resources to obtain trees and other plants along with the education necessary to successfully care for their environment.

Incorporating Other Measures of Sustainability:

  • Solar panels
  • Community connectivity
  • Alternate transportation
  • Water efficient landscaping
  • Water use reduction (low use toilets, tank-less water heaters)
  • Fundamental commission of the building energy systems
  • Minimum energy performance
  • Fundamental refrigerant management
  • Optimized energy performance (where possible)
  • Enhanced refrigerant management
  • Energy measurement and verification
  • Storage and collection of recyclables
  • Construction waste management (divert as much as possible from disposal in landfills)
  • Material reuse
  • Recycled content (where possible)
  • Certified wood
  • Minimum IAQ performance
  • Environmental tobacco smoke control
  • Construction IAQ management plan
  • Low-emitted materials, paints, adhesives & sealants, carpet, composite wood & agrifiber
  • Indoor chemical pollutant control
  • Controllability of systems, lighting & thermal comfort