SCV Veteran on Dr. Drew Show

ken scherer

Our very own Habitat home recipient, Ken Scherer, was on the Dr. Drew show which aired on the HLN station both December 16th and January 2nd. Ken Scherer was invited to speak about PTSD and what Habitat for Humanity SF/SCV is doing to help veterans suffering from PTSD or other service related injuries and hardships. He spoke alongside Grey’s Anatomy star, Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Owen Hunt, a veteran suffering from PTSD. McKidd and Scherer met at a Habitat for Humanity SF/SCV’s first “Habitat for Heroes” build, in which they both assisted a Santa Clarita Valley veteran with critical repairs and disability modifications for his home. Scherer will be receiving a Habitat home in the coming months in Habitat for Humanity SF/SCV’s … Read More