A Brush with Kindness

A Brush with Kindness has a scope of work that includes exterior painting, landscaping and repairs on homes of low-income homeowners, as well as special grants to cover portions of rebuilds needed due to massive damage in disaster areas. With the help of volunteers and donations, A Brush with Kindness preserves housing stock in the North Los Angeles area, including the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys.

This program is multi-purposeful; Brush with Kindness refers to any service we provide to an exsisting home that is in need of touch-ups, repairs, modifications, and a little TLC. We perform “Brushes” to exisiting Habitat communities and individual Habitat homes, low-income or disabled veteran family homes, seniors’ homes, and disaster-stricken homes.

Disaster Response

It is essential to everyone in our community that the unique resources of Habitat for Humanity be brought together to respond in times of greatest need. A Brush with Kindness and Critical Home Repair/Disability Modification is that response, bringing together donated materials, volunteers, and resources to provide a hand-up, not a hand-out, in times of emergency or disaster.