“Advocacy is changing systems, policies, and attitudes to achieve decent housing for all.” 

Three ways to take action now and become a force for change:

  1. Join our government relations and advocacy team by registering as a Habitat for Humanity Advocate. You will receive emails with periodic news and action alerts so you can start responding to important issues now by contacting your senators, congressmen and local officials on important legislation.
  2. Empower and mobilize your friends, family, co-workers, fellow students and communities to change lives by taking real actions to transform current systems, policies, and attitudes that keep people locked into the poverty trap.
  3. Build Louder: Habitat for Humanity affiliates build about 6,000 homes per year in America & even more globally. But what about the millions still in need of affordable and decent shelter? Building louder means speaking out, educating, and taking action to provide tangible solutions to the affordable housing crisis. Contact our affiliate for more ideas and information on how to implement a plan.

Help provide simple, decent shelter
We believe that every man, woman and child should have a safe and affordable place to live. While building homes is central to our mission, it is only one piece of the puzzle.
Ask your government representatives to change the systems, policies, attitudes and institutional behaviors that lead to inadequate housing and homelessness.

Advocacy + Education + Fundraising + Building
How does Habitat for Humanity use public policy to advocate for affordable housing?

We monitor public policies related to housing, community development, and neighborhood revitalization. We determine how they can be enhanced or changed in order to increase access to affordable housing. We speak out against policies that keep people in the poverty traps such as Section 8 housing. We demonstrate what affordable housing should look in our Habitat communities with our Enriched Neighborhood Model. Our advocacy and public policy works helps to improve the lives of low-income families everywhere.

Important Legislation and Policies
Pay attention to TODAY – It will affect our TOMORROWS:

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act – Affordable housing is an important economic tool and central to the sustainability of cities. Habitat for Humanity wants to make sure affordable housing is included in ARRA policies and funding.

UCLA Youth United

UCLA Youth United

Green Retrofitting Programs
 – Our National, State, Local governments are funding dozens of new Energy and Water Efficiency programs. Habitat for Humanity is advocating for this to be accessible and affordable so that low-income homeowners can take advantage. Support PACE financing programs for low-income California residents to go green!