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Enriched Neighborhoods®

It is our belief that in order for our families to truly be successful, affordable housing must include a supportive environment that provides training and encourages self-sufficiency in a neighborhood culture. Habitat for Humanity SF/SCV has accomplished this in our implementation of the Enriched Neighborhood® model, developed by our sister agency, Homes for Families.

In this model, we provide low-income working families and low-income veteran families an opportunity to purchase a home with 500 hours sweat equity, a 0% interest mortgage and resale restrictions; keeping the home in the affordable housing market for a fixed number of years while allowing for modest equity growth for the family.

Houses are built in communities of 12 homes or more and are all at minimum Energy Star Certified and ADA accessible, with some being fully ADA accessible. Each neighborhood also has an urban community garden and, tot lot or playground for the children.

What makes this model most unique is the no-cost self-sufficiency training and social services that are easily accessible the neighborhoods where the families live. Provision of these services, such as financial training and health and wellness programs, allows our families to become self-sufficient and learn skills and necessary tools to move out of the endless cycle of poverty housing and into the middle class.

To better understand how these services come together in a model of care click here.

Services are provided by community partners and begin 12 months before and continue 12 to 24 months after the families move into their new homes. The results build the families and help support community resource integration, care continuums, and interagency capacity building.

For a full list of the Enriched Services we provide and our partners click here.

Although the numerous programs offered to the participants are exciting, what really counts are the results they produce. That is why we are thrilled to report the results, gathered from a study of over 350 people living in our Enriched Neighborhoods®, who are currently being tracked in this program.